NEA will sell electricity worth Rs 16 billion to India this year: Kulman Ghising

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KATHMANDU: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has said that the power utility will sell the electricity worth Rs 16 billion to India in this year.

Speaking at the programme here in Kathmandu on Sunday, Kul Man Ghishing, managing director at NEA, said that they have been able to sell the electricity worth Rs 5 billion in the last fiscal year.

He said that the private sector cannot be involved in the electricity business as the NEA has just started to generate income. “We are generating income from selling electricity to India and this is our first step towards export,” said Ghising.

Ghising expressed his displeasure that a big issue is made even though if there is a general problem with electricity supply in the country. Ghising said that the authority is ready to provide as much electricity as the industries demand and is increasing investment in transmission lines and substations for that.

He claimed that driving an electric vehicle does not cost a single rupee per kilometer, but the cost of petrol and diesel is 19 rupees, and claimed that electric vehicles are very economical. Electric vehicle does not cost even one rupee per kilometer.

“If we use the EV’s for the transportation, simply we will able to save Rs 19 a kilometer in comparison to the diesel/petrol vehicles,” he added.

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