Paincho shop and Fancy House to porcess Nepal’s agricultural products to America

KATHMANDU: Paincho Shop going to process Nepali agricultural products and export them to America. During an event in Kathmandu on Friday, an agreement was signed between Paincho Shop and Fancy House Inc., which has an office in the US. With this agreement, Paincho will now process the agricultural products of Nepal’s rural areas and send them for sale to American stores under its own brand.

Paincho aims to deliver its products to Nepalis scattered all over the world. Paincho has collaborated with Nepal’s Agni Exim Pvt. Ltd. to export to America. Speaking at the agreement program, Laxman Gaire, the market manager of Paincho Shop, said that Nepali products will be taken to America while expanding the market. He claims that Nepalis living in America like Paincho’s products.

With the main slogan of ‘even if you live in the city, the desire to eat in the village’, Gaire started Paincho Shop from 2015. brought into operation. Gaire said that his products were previously exported to Japan, Australia and various countries in Europe, so from now on he will also export them to America.

Similarly, Raj Saraf, representative of Fancy House Inc., USA said that Nepali products are sold and distributed in four states of America. He said that Nepali 135 brands of food grains are sold in four states. Saraf is marketing to Nepali people living in America. He said that the processed food products of the company, including spices, soil, etc., sold from Nepal, are being sold in America.

Paincho Shop, which started in Gulmi in 2014, has been buying only agricultural products produced by farmers in Gulmi, Palpa, Arghakhanchi, Baglung, Pyuthan, Rolpa, Rukum, Salyan, Jumla, Kalikot and other districts. The company claims that paincho production is playing a role in strengthening the rural economy and supporting the national economy to some extent.

Similarly, Paincho shops are providing industrial raw materials to large industrial establishments of the country to replace foreign imports. Paincho shop has been industrially processing the agricultural products and making pickles of different flavors, different types of jam, ketchup, sauce, tomato puree, vinegar.

It sells traditional food products including phapar flour, millet flour, sinki, masyura and jumla beans and maize husks produced in hilly districts.

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