Nepal’s largest solar plant begins power production

KATHMANDU: A total of 25 MW power generated by the country’s largest solar power station constructed by the Nepal Electricity Authority in Nuwakot has been connected to the national transmission system.

Project Chief Bikas Raghubanshi informed that a trial production of 25 MW electricity has started three and a half years after the foundation stone of the power plant station was laid in April 2018. The project should have been completed by April 2019.

According to him, the trial production from seven different blocks of the solar plant has been successful.

“The project has been successful as 25 MW electricity has been continuously generated from the plant for the last two weeks.” Raghubanshi, said, “When the weather is favourable, more than 25MW electricity has been produced.”

The electricity generated from the plant is connected to the national transmission system through the Devighat hydroelectric station.

Chinese company Risen Energy, a construction company, started working on the project from October 2019 and produced 1.5 megawatt of electricity in the first phase in January 2021.

The trial production from then power station started on August 26 this year.

The project said that regular production would begin now.

However, as the construction of some physical structures, including the cleaning of the solar panels and building fence and wall to protect the project is still going on, it will take another month to complete the remaining tasks.

One solar panel produces 275 watts of electricity. About 20 ropanis of land is required to place the panels with a capacity of producing one megawatt of electricity. At present, 25 megawatts of electricity production has been started by using 38 hectares of barren land registered in the name of the Authority.

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