Stranded Nepali migrant workers in Malaysia returning home within a week: Nepal Embassy

KATHMANDU: The Embassy of Nepal in Malaysia has said it has taken initiatives to settle recent issues of Nepali workers who are reported to be stranded in Malaysia.

Issuing a statement on Monday, the embassy said out of 13 Nepali workers who were contracted for a company named PRS Forest Management (M) SDN. BHD., six are scheduled to return to Nepal on January 10 and the remaining seven workers will return to Nepal on January 13, 2023.

These workers had complained they were not paid salaries and perks as per the contract signed with the company. After receiving the complaints, the embassy had sent a letter to the manpower company Triveni HR Solution on December 25 and December 28, 2022.

The company responded, assuring that the check out memo (exit pass), air tickets and food and stay facilities have been managed for all the 13 workers, according to the embassy.

Similarly, the embassy clarified that two out of 28 workers contracted for a poultry supply company named ‘Hong Tze Enterprise Sdn Bhd’ registered complaints that they were beaten by the company’s high ranking officials. These Nepalis came to Malaysia on September 8, 2022.

After the incident, they were taken to other locations, said the embassy quoting the workers. The manpower company Khoji Recruitment had sent these workers to Malaysia.

The embassy said that the Malaysian Police arrested those who were involved in physical abuse of the Nepali workers after receiving the complaints. The embassy with support from the manpower company concerned has sent nine Nepali workers back home while seven others have been scheduled to return on January 11.

“Of the remaining 12 workers, they will be given the discretionary right whether to stay in Malaysia for their work or to return to Nepal, ” the embassy said.

After the case of Nepali workers being abused physically and financially and a number of them being kept as hostages was unveiled by the media, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal expressed his concern over the issue.

Prime Minister Dahal on Monday directed the Chief Secretary Shankar Das Bairagi to assess the situation of the Nepali hostages and any other related issues, and to take immediate action to secure their release and rescue.


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