Direct flight between Pokhara and Bhadrapur brings excitement to tourism entrepreneurs

POKHARA: Tourism entrepreneurs in Pokhara are excited about better business prospects as the private sector’s Buddha Air is set to operate a direct flight service between Pokhara and Bhadrapur starting March 9.

“The air connectivity between the eastern and western parts of the country will provide easy services to passengers, and Buddha Air is committed to providing convenient services,” said Gautam Baral, the station manager of Buddha Air.

Flights will depart from Pokhara International Airport to Bhadrapur in Jhapa district at 6:15 am, and the return flight from Bhadrapur to Pokhara is scheduled for 6:55 pm.

The direct flight between these two destinations, which takes only 1 hour and 10 minutes, is expected to ease the problems passengers face due to a lack of direct flights and contribute to the promotion of domestic tourism.

Pokhara Tourism Council Chairperson, Pom Narayan Shrestha expressed confidence that the operation of Pokhara International Airport and increased air connectivity with other districts would aid in promoting domestic tourism.

“Pokhara is a tourism city. The direct flight service of Buddha Air will facilitate those who wish to visit Pokhara from the eastern part of the country, besides attracting Indian tourists,” he said.

However, he expressed disappointment that no international flights operate from the Pokhara International Airport yet, despite its inauguration.

Pokhara Tourism Board Chief, Kashiraj Bhandari, was hopeful that increasing air connectivity would boost tourist arrivals in Pokhara, arguing that tourists are interested in short and comfortable excursions.

Bhandari also said that the direct flight between Pokhara and Bhadrapur would facilitate the marketing and sales of local products in Pokhara.The ticket for Bhadrapur-Pokhara and vice versa is priced at Rs 9,685. The air connectivity is expected to reduce the travel time between these two destinations on the road by 17 hours.

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