‘Migrant workers who returned during pandemic ain’t willing to go abroad’

KATHMANDU: A study report has revealed that most of the workers who returned during the pandemic have expressed their will not to return abroad. A rapid survey conducted among returnee migrant workers by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) Nepal has revealed that the returnees want to stay back and work inside the country.

On the occasion of International Migration Day, IOM Nepal has published a report on the participation of different distinguished guests. As per the report, 30.9 percent of returnees want to be self-employed while 19.7 percent of returnees want to continue their agriculture work and build it as their business while 17.2 percent of returnees want to begin new commercial agriculture businesses.

Meanwhile, 31.1 percent of returnees want to work in the service sector. Under the service sector highest, 65.6 percent of returnees are interested to get involved in the tourism industry. Under the tourism industry, most returnees have shown their interest in working as tour and trekking guides, opening hotels and restaurants or travel agencies.

Thus, the report has suggested the government to coordinate among the related ministries and institutions for migrant repatriation. Similarly, the report has recommended the reintegration of migrants and mapping migrant’s skills and knowledge.

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Friday December 18, 2020, 12:54:34 PM |

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