4G users reach 6.3 million, Ncell occupying 65pc market share

KATHMANDU: The number of customers using 4G mobile broadband service has reached 6.3 million in Nepal.

According to the latest Management Information System (MIS) report released by the Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA), the regulatory body of the telecommunications sector, the number of 4G users reached 6.3 million as of mid-November 2020.

Ncell has the highest number of 4G users. The report also states that 65 percent of 4G users belongs to Ncell. Nepal Telecom, Ncell and Smart Telecom have been providing this service.

Penetration rate of the 4G service has reached 21.19 percent. 4G service was first launched by Nepal Telecom four years ago while Ncell launched the service five months after Nepal Telecom launched it.

According to NTA, Ncell has 4.08 million 4G customers followed by 2.04 million of Nepal Telecom. Similarly, Smart Telecom has 0.19 million in 4G. Followed by 65 percent market share of Ncell in 4G, Nepal Telecom owns 32 percent market share, while Smart Telecom has share of 3 percent.

Though NT had first introduced the 4G internet service in Nepal, it could not expand the service as planned initially following a probe initiated by the Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA). However, Ncell made no delays to launch the service across major cities of the country.

Of late, NT has accelerated its 4G expansion drive and claims that the company’s 4G users today is higher than what the MIS report reflects.

Consumption of mobile data has been on the rise since the launch of the 4G service, while charges have dropped significantly. 4G contributes 26 percent of the total number of broadband users in Nepal.

The highest contribution is 56 percent which is 3G service, while cable/internet fiber to the home (FTTH) contributes 22 percent. The total number of broadband subscription in Nepal is 23.92 million.

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