Transport entrepreneurs seek hike in transportation fare

KATHMANDU: Citing that fuel price has started soaring in the domestic market, public transport entrepreneurs  have demanded that the government hike the transport fare by up to 40 per cent.

Initially, transport entrepreneurs had urged the government to withdraw its decision to hike fuel price. However, they went on to pressurize the government to raise transportation fare after Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) stated that it is not in the position to bring down price of petroleum products.

Along with fuel price, transport entrepreneurs also said that price of non-fuel items like lubricants and various accessories and spare parts of the vehicles have also increased at recent times. “As price of both fuel and non-fuel items is soaring, the transportation fare should be raised by 30-40 percent,” said Rajendra Kumar Shrestha, president of the Federation of Truck Transport Entrepreneurs Nepal.

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Friday February 19, 2021, 12:05:15 PM |

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