Dismal progress of National Pride Projects

KATHMANDU: Budget expenditure of National Pride Projects is seen dismal. Though Rs 92.62 billion had been allocated for National Pride Projects for the current fiscal year, only 15.19 percent of the allocated budget or Rs 13.98 billion has been spent in the first six months.

Twenty-five projects with higher impact on the development of the country and contribute to economic development and job creation have been promoted as projects of national pride. Projects of physical infrastructure, economic, social and environment including energy, roads, railways, irrigation, drinking water, tourism and forest sector have been listed as projects of national pride.

However, budget expenditure in these projects and their physical progress is seen tepid.

Among others, progress of Pokhara Regional International Airport, Mid-Hill Highway and Karnali Corridor is seen comparatively satisfactory.

The government plans to complete construction of four National Pride Projects within 2020-21.


Fiscal Nepal |
Monday March 8, 2021, 03:00:33 PM |

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