Second IoT Expo 2021 completed with 5,000 observers

KATHMANDU: A four-day I.O.T. Expo organized by Software College of IT and Commerce on how to make daily living smart through computing solutions.

The exhibition has been observed by five thousand people. Samples of 30 projects including Autonomous Vehicle, Smart Wheelchair, Smart Delivery Scooter, Smart Garden, Search and Rescue Drone, Smart Float Management, Robotic Hand were displayed in the program held in Dillibazaar from March 11 to 15.

Bijnan Shrestha, president of the college, said that the smart vehicle was built at the college level for the first time in Nepal. The modules of Smart Solutions displayed in the exhibition have been prepared by the students studying at the undergraduate level in Computing and Cyber security at Software College.

Pramod Poudel, principal of the college, said that the exhibition was organized with the objective of producing skilled manpower by emphasizing on experimental studies and introducing the concept of computing solution to the general public. The exhibition, which has free admission, features state policy makers, the private sector, students, parents and IT professionals.

Poudel said that the exhibition has helped to make our life easier by making use of technology. The Softwarica College, which teaches IT courses at Coventry University in the UK, has also set up an innovation hub for BIT students. The current exhibition has been prepared by the students in the same innovation hub.

The Innovation Hub is envisaged so that students can focus on research as well as college studies. Amrit Thapa, director of the college, said that the college has made arrangements to provide a grant of up to Rs 500,000 for the best projects with commercial potential so as not to let the lack of funds affect the research.

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