Efforts in place to control revenue leakage: Finance Minister Poudel

KATHMANDU: Finance Minister Bishnu Prasad Poudel has said that he will use all his strength to control the revenue leakage and will be strict against those involved in irregular activities.

“The government will not tolerate revenue leakage. However, due attention will be given towards business growth and protection,” said Poudel at the meeting of the Central Revenue Leakage Control Committee today.

Citing that monitoring at the local and central level needs to be intensified, Finance Minister Poudel directed related agencies to work in close coordination and promote use of the technology to minimize the weaknesses in the system.

On the occasion, Finance Secretary Shishir Kumar Dhungana stated that it is necessary to exchange information between the ministry, the department and the security agencies to control possible leakage of revenue.

Meanwhile, Revenue Secretary Ram Sharan Pudasaini said that policy and systemic reforms are being made to control the leakage.

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Thursday March 25, 2021, 04:24:37 PM |

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