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Private hospitals give up!

KATHMANDU: As the number of patients infected with the coronavirus being admitted keeps rising on a daily basis, private hospitals have started issuing statements saying that they are no more able to treat COVID-19 patients due to lack of oxygen and other related medical equipment.

Among others, Nepal Medical College, Mediciti Hospital, Nepal-India Friendship Hospital, Medicare Hospital and Helping Hands have already officially notified that they are no more in position to treat Covid-19 patients or admit new patients due to shortfall of oxygen and other treatment equipment.

These hospitals have notified the Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) treatment of Covid-19 patients is beyond their control now.

“Owing to shortfall of oxygen, we are compelled to discharge admitted Covid-19 patients in the hospital and not in position to admit new Covid-19 patients,” reads a statement issued by Nepal Medical College adding, “We will discharge all Covid-19 patients by 4:pm today.”

Similarly, Nepal Medicit, issuing a statement said that though the hospital demands almost 500 oxygen cylinders a day, the government is supplying merely 100 oxygen cylinders per day. “As the hospital is flooded with Covid-19 patients, we are, by any means, not in position to run Covid-19 treatment,” reads the hospital’s statement.

Such notification from hospitals have already reflected chaotic health situation in the country amid increasing cases of coronavirus at a time when Nepal is recording more than 9,000 new coronavirus cases every day.



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