Govt committed to protect, conserve Chure region: Ministry of Finance

KATHMANDU: Amid criticism over announcement made in the budget by the government that it would pursue the aggregate mining industry to reduce the trade deficit, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) has expressed its commitment to the protection and promotion of the Chure region.

The Ministry clarified its commitment towards protection and conservation of Chure region after its decision to exporting rock, gravel, sand and other aggregates to reduce trade deficit, made in the budget 2021-22, faced widespread criticism from various quarters.

“‘The government is committed to the protection and promotion of the Chure region. The government is vigilant to prevent the exploitation of the Chure area and other negative impact on environmental protection, ”MoF stated in a press statement.

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Wednesday June 2, 2021, 03:56:28 PM |

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