Contract agreement deadline of projects affected by Covid-19 extended till mid-April

KATHMANDU: Procurement agreements for Coronavirus-affected projects and programs have been extended until mid-April next year.

The Ministry of Finance informed in a letter to all the Ministries/Commissions /Secretariats and offices on Monday that the contract agreement deadline of projects affected by the pandemic has been extended to mid-April next year.

According to the Ministry, it has been decided to extend the deadline of the procurement agreement as the work related to the previous procurement contract could not be completed within the stipulated time due to the closure and prohibition order issued due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Officials who approve bids on the basis of requests from suppliers, construction businessmen, service providers or consultants can extend the term of the current procurement agreement. In this context, after analyzing the need and justification of the deadline extension, the term of such agreement can be extended till mid-April next year at the latest without incurring any additional cost or obligation to the government of Nepal.

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Tuesday September 7, 2021, 12:01:52 PM |

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